Liver Colon Cleanse

The liver is one of the most vital organs in our body next to the heart. This organ has many functions that includes the digestion of the different foods that we eat. This organ weighs around four pounds making it the largest organ in our bodies. It works to neutralize waste, and toxins that are harmful and to store fat, protein, glycogen, and amino acids.

The air that we breathe and many of the foods that we eat contain toxic chemicals that is constantly entering our bodies and causing problems for our liver. That is why it is important for us to perform a routine liver colon cleanse. When we do not cleanse our liver it can be blocked by the increase in cholesterol and gallstones.

There are many products that help to cleanse your liver and therefore cleanse your colon in the same process or you can try a more natural process right at homes. This is less expensive and is guaranteed by many people to be effective and to help their livers to work properly.

Liver Colon Cleanse Ingredients

4 Tablespoons Epsom Salt
1 Cup Olive Oil (light oil is best for taste)
14 Pink Grapefruit
12 Apples
4 Lemons

Liver Colon Cleanse Directions

From the morning time to lunch time you need to juice 12 of the grapefruits and drink them throughout the entire morning.

From lunch time to dinner time juice all the apples and drink them throughout the afternoon time.

Around dinner (6 p.m.) combine 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt with ¾ cups of water and squeeze in one lemon before drinking it. It is best to use cold water. Repeat this process around 8 that night.

A couple of hours before you go to bed combine 1 cup of olive oil into a jar and add the remaining 2 (juiced) grapefruits and shake well. Go to the bathroom for the night after drinking.

Right before you lay down to go to sleep drink the olive oil mixture once again. After you have finished it lie on your right side for 20 minutes to let the oil travel to your liver.

When you wake up the next morning take more of the Epsom salt mixture and another one two hours later. Wait another two hours before you eat breakfast. It is best to start your breakfast off with fresh juice before eating fruit.