Internal Colon Cleanse

Performing an internal colon cleanse is simple and effective if you use the right tools and actually know what it is you are doing. There are many different kinds and options to choose from that will help to clean out your system. Once your system is clean the difference in the way that you feel will be amazing.

Herbal Internal Colon Cleanse

There are dozens of products online and in health stores that are made with psyllium husk. This is a special herb that is available in pill form and helps your body to easily release all of the waste built up in your system. It is contains quite a bit of fiber – which will help to regulate your digestive system. It works by expanding while traveling through digestive system and gathering all of the harmful toxins and waste as it moves out of your system dragging these with it.

You can purchase other such herbs that will have the same effect on your body and can be taken along with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are also high in fiber and the combination of both will ensure that your system stays healthy even after the cleanse.

Many of the herbs will cost you around $20 or more depending on how big of a supply you want. It is best to take these along with a proper colon cleanse program for them to have the full impact.


While laxatives help to remove some of the waste from your system they are actually used more to relieve constipation. They are not great at cleansing the whole colon unless they come available with different types of colon cleanse products. Make sure that you take them as directed to avoid dehydration.

Enema Kits

This is probably one of the most popular internal colon cleanse that you will find on the market. Unfortunately it is one of the most uncomfortable ones. With these kits you will inject liquid into your anal canal. The water will soften the waste inside of your colon – which will help to remove everything. When compared to laxatives they work much better because they do not have the same side effects and only take a few minutes to complete. They are also great to use on their own without the help of other colon cleansers.