Homemade Colon Cleanse

Most of us don’t want to spend tons of money on certain colon cleanse products. We want to clean out our colon and make our bodies healthier – but we want to do it at home and in an inexpensive way. The good thing is there many homemade colon cleanse recipes and ideas that you can use that include herbal and juice combinations. Most homemade colon cleanse recipes are made up of probiotics, juice with fruits and vegetables, bentonite clay, and psyllium husk or flax seeds.


It is important to only use blended or freshly squeezed juices. When it is cooked all of the enzymes that are needed for the homemade colon cleanse will be burned off. Try being diverse and choosing several different types of fresh fruits and vegetables. The best ones to use are celery, beets, parsley, ginger, cayenne, kale, garlic, and wheat grass. These fruits and vegetables are high in fiber – which helps to regulate the digestive system.

Psyllium Husk Seeds And Flax Seeds

The majority of the homemade colon cleanse recipes will require psyllium husk seeds and many other types of herbs because they have the properties to cleanse the colon and the liver. Psyllium husk is a super fiber herb and can be found in any health store.

Flax seeds are another type of herb that is commonly used and is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This special herb is great at protecting your body against heart disease and is high in fiber.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay has been used by indigenous tribes to heal the inside of the body for hundreds of years. This is a natural detoxifying agent for the body that can be taken in liquid form or can be eaten. It has the ability to absorb water while it is traveling through the intestinal tract and absorbs the harmful toxins before the body gets rid of them.


The colon is made up of bad and good bacteria that needs to be balanced out. The body works best when it has 80% of the good bacteria to help keep the colon working properly. However, using certain types of colon cleansers can actually remove some of these good bacteria while removing the toxins. Probiotics will replace the good bacteria to the colon. It is best to use it after your colon is clean.