Colon Cleanse Diet

A good way to cleanse your colon is through a colon cleanse diet regimen. While there are many different types of colon cleanse diets many of them share some basic tips and advice to help you achieve the same end goal. We are going to give you some important tips that will help you to feel healthier – but before you begin the diet you need to commit yourself to it. Without the right commitment any colon cleanse diet that you use will have no effect.

Weight Loss Colon Cleanse

The best type of colon cleanse diet to follow is the one that is easy to do. What good is a diet that is going to make it hard for you to follow your normal routine. Which is why we recommend one that you can incorporate into your daily eating regimen. The great thing about the guidelines we have provided is that they help for a proper weight loss colon cleanse – which can be twice as effective. A weight loss colon cleanse will help to lose weight and flush more out of your system.


For breakfast you need to eat only fruits until lunch time. Fruits are great for a good colon cleanse diet because they are easy for your body to digest and do not contain as much fat as other foods. They are also full of fiber and water which will help your digestive system to run more smoothly.

Most people will feel that they will constantly be hungry eating fruits in the morning time – but it will actually have the opposite effect. Your body will feel more energized and fuller from the lack of carbs and sugar in your diet.

Lunch, Dinner, & Snacks

No matter which meal you are eating you need to make sure that you do not combine starches with the protein that you eat. Your body uses different digestive fluids to break down the carbs and proteins and when they mix they can prevent digestion of all the foods. This in turn will cause gas, constipation, and will keep your body from absorbing the right amount of nutrients that it needs.

You can eat snacks throughout the day – but make sure that your last one is more than three hours before your bedtime. Anything three hours before or less could hamper the way that your body works and digest during sleep. Most people do not realize that their body can burn a certain amount of calories while they are sleeping.


Water, water, and water! Drinking water is an essential part to any colon cleanse diet and will help to improve digestion. Drink around half of your body weight in ounces of water. It is best to use purified water because it is cleaner than tap water. You can mix it up a bit by incorporating green tea and all natural juices in place of water.